KneeFit App now on the Apple AppStore and the Google Play Store

Injured? Just looking to keep your knee strong and healthy? The KneeFit App is for you. Now available on the Apple AppStore and the Google Play Store.


Keep your knee strong and healthy by using the strength and stretch exercises in the KneeFit App.  Doing a few exercises daily will keep your knee healthy and fit. As an active individual I use the exercises in the KneeFit App before and after my workouts. Whether you are going through therapy, recovering, or maintaining an active fitness lifestyle the KneeFit App is for you.



Pumpkin Patch and Halloween Week

Starting out with Pumpkin Patch last weekend on Harbes Farm we had lots of fun with pumpkins especially Miles :-) this week.

NYRR: 2014 Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 1.24.36 PM

Since finishing Waterman Half Triathlon three weeks ago I haven’t done any training. This time off has given my body enough time to recover. I wasn’t quite planning on putting a hard effort at today’s race, but after a 10 minute warmup I was feeling pretty pumped up to race. The first corral which I was in went out a bit slow given the race was sold out and it takes a while for runners to find their rhythm and create gaps in a crowded Central Park. Past mile 2 I was keeping a steady effort after the gaps opened up. I took some water at mile 3 aid station and continued with a 6:50ish pace. The last mile I went all out and recorded a 6:30 pace. Finished with an overall 6:55/mile. This race along with next weeks Dash to the Finish Line  marks New York City Marathon Race week. Both races end at the marathon finish line and really gets you in the marathon spirit. Great to see runners from out of town in the park already. Others will trickle in during the week.

Overall Time: 34:35 (6:55/mile)

Place: 228/5522 (Top 4%)


Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 1.34.10 PM

WhatPaint Version 1.4 App Review – 3 days

WhatPaint Version 1.4 update took only 3 days to be approved (Fastest so far for one of my apps). Also quicker compared to the 10 days average according to App Review Times.


Proper Mirror Adjustment

I’ve been reading up on mirror adjustment to get rid of blind spots and most articles are saying setting mirrors the traditional way is wrong. Car and Driver’s article.

Proper Mirror Adjustment Video:

WhatPaint App – Optimized for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Screen Sizes

Haven’t done much coding lately but really wanted to update WhatPaint App to take full advantage of the bigger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screen sizes. As an owner of the iPhone 6 Plus and using the WhatPaint app heavily lately I couldn’t stand the scaling iOS did to make the app fit on the bigger screen. After making sure the updated screenshots for the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch had no alpha or transparency ,Anh, my wife and faithful Graphics Designer gave me the new assets.

- iPhone 6 (4.7-Inch Screen): 750 x 1334 pixels (Portrait)
– iPhone 6 Plus (5.5-Inch Screen): 1242 x 2208 pixels (Portrait)

As always I had a bit of an issue with Code Signing but sorted it out. Today October 19th, I submitted WhatPaint Version 1.4 for review. Fingers crossed lets see how long it takes in the review process. As per App Review Times it’s currently 11 days.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 11.03.36 PM

Paint Stripping

Applied a coat of Ready Strip (Environmentally friendly type) last night to the table top. This morning I was able to strip away one of two paint layers. The first was poly and the most recent was gray paint. The gray paint came out quite easily. I applied one more coat of paint stripper to clean out the poly and other paint residue.




Roof Paint

After 2 solid coats of Henry White Roof Paint project looks great. Client will receive better efficient heating as a result especially in the the winter time.





Added a second leaf

Gladly added a second leaf to the dining table with Anh’s suggestion. Used table locks to restrict the horizontal movement once the extensions are in place. Now onto color choices for the table.





Personal Project – Table (Leaf) Extension

Used two barrel bolts to add an extension to my existing dining table.




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