Proper Mirror Adjustment

I’ve been reading up on mirror adjustment to get rid of blind spots and most articles are saying setting mirrors the traditional way is wrong. Car and Driver’s article.

Proper Mirror Adjustment Video:

WhatPaint App – Optimized for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Screen Sizes

Haven’t done much coding lately but really wanted to update WhatPaint App to take full advantage of the bigger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screen sizes. As an owner of the iPhone 6 Plus and using the WhatPaint app heavily lately I couldn’t stand the scaling iOS did to make the app fit on the bigger screen. After making sure the updated screenshots for the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch had no alpha or transparency ,Anh, my wife and faithful Graphics Designer gave me the new assets.

- iPhone 6 (4.7-Inch Screen): 750 x 1334 pixels (Portrait)
– iPhone 6 Plus (5.5-Inch Screen): 1242 x 2208 pixels (Portrait)

As always I had a bit of an issue with Code Signing but sorted it out. Today October 19th, I submitted WhatPaint Version 1.4 for review. Fingers crossed lets see how long it takes in the review process. As per App Review Times it’s currently 11 days.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 11.03.36 PM

Paint Stripping

Applied a coat of Ready Strip (Environmentally friendly type) last night to the table top. This morning I was able to strip away one of two paint layers. The first was poly and the most recent was gray paint. The gray paint came out quite easily. I applied one more coat of paint stripper to clean out the poly and other paint residue.




Roof Paint

After 2 solid coats of Henry White Roof Paint project looks great. Client will receive better efficient heating as a result especially in the the winter time.





Added a second leaf

Gladly added a second leaf to the dining table with Anh’s suggestion. Used table locks to restrict the horizontal movement once the extensions are in place. Now onto color choices for the table.





Personal Project – Table (Leaf) Extension

Used two barrel bolts to add an extension to my existing dining table.



TaskRabbit Project – IKEA Modified Build

Today I modified two IKEA countertops to build an office desk area.

Tools and Items used:
– circular saw
– impact and standard drill (makes the world of difference and speed to have both)
– clamps and level to use as a guide when cutting
– anchors for back brackets against the wall
– pilot bit


TaskRabbit Project – Bookcase

Started doing TaskRabbit projects two weeks ago. So far the projects I’ve done has used my carpentry skill set quite well.


Race Report – Waterman’s Half 2014


Since successfully completing Physical Therapy earlier this year on my right knee (knee injury last July) I’ve had the urge to get back to Half Iron Distance racing. So in this July after going to Lake Placid and volunteering with Anh for her IRONMAN debut next year that itch for racing widened. As any Tri Geek I took to TriFind This time of year most popular races were already sold out or priced up. I also wanted to give myself at least 8-10 solid weeks of training. I got excited when I saw a new 70.3 race in Princeton (IRONMAN brand race) around that time frame, but oops “Sold Out” and also higher priced (premium brand). I landed upon a race that was in a perfect time slot with training and price. It was the Waterman Half in Rock Hall, Maryland. Approximately 3-1/2 hours driving from New York City.

However before signing up I wanted to get some long distance bike and run volume underway to test my fitness, mostly knee fitness. It took me about 3 weeks of training and confidence before I pulled the trigger and registered for the Waterman Half. The race only cost $190 compared to the usual $250 – $300 of similar types. In the race description the bike and run course was deliberately described as being pancake flat and a “triathletes dream”. I’ll take that especially the fact that I would be limiting my run volume in training.

Race Swag

race swag

Transition Assistant

transitions assistant



Swim: (42:44)

Race morning was preceded by torrential rainfall and strong winds. Fortunately it all ceased up leading into the start. I was skeptical of my choice of goggles being Amber. That would hurt me on the first loop of the swim. The only two pairs I had was Amber and Mirrored. Swim start was at 9am so I thought the sun would have been out by then. Unfortunately with the weather conditions it was very cloudy and visibility was poor. I had to stop on a few occasions to clean the goggles and verify the course buoys. Visibility was way more enhanced on the second loop of the swim. I got in a rhythm and was just enjoying the swim at that point. Being a slower swimmer “white caps”-the second wave were passing me at that point. My wave “red caps” were first and consisted of men under 39. I Took my swim cadence up a notch heading to the finish, I also did a bit more kicking at that point. We were aided onto the dock with the help of an in the water ladder and volunteers. I came across Anh and Miles cheering me along and made my way to T1 (bike transition).

T1: (2:38)

The usual at T1, wetsuit off, helmet and bike gear  on and made my way to the bike mounting area. Temps were in the mid 60s. I went with my regular Tri kit. A jacket wasn’t needed although I knew it would be a bit windy out there.

Bike: (2:43:49)

The wind. The wind was present throughout the bike course. Especially the last 20 miles or so. In training my “A” goal was to keep 20mph on the bike. I did quite an amount of strength and interval work to get my bike fitness up to that level. After moving to Forest Hills I was a bit skeptical of my long bike rides on the weekends. Usually being closer to the Queensboro Bridge it was biking to Nyack via 9W which made for a great ride with hills and flats. But being further East in Queens it would be more bike commuting before I got to a favorable bike section for quality training. After doing some research on bike forums, bike maps I discovered that using the Long Island service road would be perfect for outdoor bike training. At first I thought Long Island was pancake flat but even the Waterman bike course was flatter. Out of transition I quickly got my bike legs. I was able to hit 20+ mph right out of the gate. I still mostly rode inside my comfort zone and kept using perceived effort . **A disadvantage to not owning a power meter** At this point my goal was to keep a cadence of 80-90. Whenever I found myself spinning above 95rpm I took up the gear a notch or two. I may have stayed in aero for at least 85% of the ride and big chain ring 90%. Got out of the saddle and stretched out a bit to loosen up once in a while. The course wasn’t by any means crowded. There were maybe 200 or so participants. At a few times it was just like a training ride with the occasional rider encounter. Took in nutrition about every 20 – 30 mins (Main bottle had Accelerade and Maltodextrin). Made sure to take in two salt tablets every hour. Finished the bike with 139 bpm average heart rate (my zone 3) and 20.5 mph bike with a 2:43 bike split. A few seconds better than my “A” goal.

Photo by ChessiePhoto

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.33.31 PM

Rode with (M)iles and (A)nh on my arm :-)

m and a

T2: (2:07)

Felt a bit tight running into transition. Wasn’t worried because I knew I would get my run legs back within a few miles. It was a bit slow getting out of T2 part being that I placed my running shoes in a plastic bag to keep them dry in case it rained again, also made sure to put socks on. (I opt not to at shorter distances)

Run: (1:46:31)

For the first 6 miles of the run I told myself try to be as conservative as possible. My left calf was getting a bit cramped. After mile 8 I started walking at every aid station and pouring ice water on my head and calf. That aided with the cramp tremendously. From about mile 9-11 I found a second gear and was able to push the pace. Slowed down a bit pass mile 12 so that I wouldn’t jeopardize the calf and resort to walking.

I love the small community of Rock Hall. The volunteers were great as with most small towns. There were kids handing out lemonade and orange slices along the way. A bit on the weather and run course: We all should be quite grateful for the overcast weather on the day because as the athletes guide said there is almost no shade whatsoever on the run course. With a higher temp day or cloudless sky I think the run would surely take more out of us. Nutrition on the run course was okay in that the heed was pretty watered down. I did choose to run with 2 gels and one of those I took at the half way point with 2 salt tablets.

Photo by ChessiePhoto

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.32.58 PM


- took a gel before the swim

- two bottles on the bike

- (1) aero bottle consisted of about 800 cals (Accelerade and Maltodextrin)

- (2) water

- took 2 salt tablets every hour

- used the on course aid station water for taking in salt tablets and gel

- took 3 gels every 45 mins

- took a gel halfway into the run

- had heed at the water aid stations every other mile

- got rid of nutrition twice, once on the run and once on the bike :-)


My training for this race couldn’t have been more spot on. The only disappointment was the swim. As always my swim is the weakest of the sports. But today my sighting couldn’t have been worse on the first loop which may have been the main cause of a slower swim than predicted. I was expecting about 36-38 minutes. Swimming in race conditions with a higher tempo has to be my goal going forward if I want to achieve better swim times. I have always addressed my race swim more relaxed compared to training. Being more comfortable to go harder in races is one of my main goals going forward like every triathlete out there. I have found this to only be possible with more open water races during the season like I did a few years ago. Just doing pool or solo open water sessions is not adequate. I love the venue. Biking through the quiet corn fields and open roads and shoulders of Rock Hall, MD was incredible. The roads were mostly smooth except for about a 3 mile section on Bay Shore Rd. which has a fresh gravel top. The quiet bike course may be a bit hard for triathletes that like bigger crowds and don’t like being isolated on the bike course. But for me it was just another training day. I was a bit worried when the race director gave us recommendations to drive the course to make sure we were familiar with it. I thought at this point we would have been solely responsible. However it turned out there was at least 2 volunteers along with sheriff deputies assisting on the course with directions. So don’t be like me up the night before trying to do mapmyride to familiarize yourself with the course specifics. The run course was pancake flat as advertised but the logistics of the 2 loop course wasn’t my favorite part of the day. My favorite part of the day however was catching Anh and Miles at all 3 triathlon legs of the course cheering me on. They were amazing fans for Dad. Super psyched with my performance and overall fitness. Long term goal is to stay as injury free as possible. This will continue to mean less aggressive run training. I’ll also be addressing more strength sessions in the off season.

Finish Time minus T1+T2

finish time minus transitions

Waterman’s Medal and Ale

waterman's medal and ale

Official Finish Time: 5:17:48

Official Results 

Places to Eat:

Harbor Shack

Waterman’s Crab House

The Kitchen

Waterman Half Video Clip

Percy Sutton 5K

I have done a few races this year post physical therapy for my knee. Todays race was a true test of speed/knee fitness combined. As with most of my races I have somewhat of a goal time heading in but nothing is quite for certain until I start the actual race then I am able to formulate a clearer picture.

So far this season I haven’t done any speedwork namely track work. I have been focused on more strengthening sessions like hill training.

The Percy Sutton 5K was held in Harlem as part of Harlem Week celebrations. This was a solid 5K course with a challenging hill early on with some flats and a steep incline (which I slowed down on) later towards the finish. Prior to the race I did a 14 minute easy warmup and stretched as well. Throughout the race I ran a controlled hard effort race playing close attention to my knee response.

The outcome and my performance could not have been better. I am very content and happy with this race. This gives me much added motivation heading into the remainder of my racing season.

Official Time: 21:07 (6:49/mile)

Place: 412/4524 Top 10%

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 5.12.29 PM



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