Race Report – Scotland Day Run

The year started out with some hopes of having a great running season. This hope would be short lived due to a left knee injury. This injury seems to still be somewhat a puzzle even after consultation with my orthopedic. With the MRI report he said there is degenerative cartilage and some bone marrow edema. Recommedation: R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). He also went on to say it could be genetic since it wasn’t an apparent training injury. So since that visit about three weeks ago I haven’t done any running. Fortunately I have done swimming and bike training. I have also been taking “I live Pain Free” supplements recommended by my Physician.

Today’s race my goal was to run without aggravating the injury in any way and evaluate my running for the short term.

Mile 1 to 3 of the 10K race I held MAF zone and took it deliberately easy out there. I’ve said it before and will iterate here, keeping a slower pace than normal especially in a race is quite challenging even with my MAF training. I did my best to keep this slow pace. Right at Mile 3 I started feeling very warmed up and ready to take the pace slightly higher. That’s when my cadence went at least 10 spm higher and I somewhat envisioned Chrissie Wellington’s last Kona performance where she appeared to be running with shorter more turnover strides. In doing so there was no pain present and I felt great. I kept this form throughout the race and in doing so I timed 7:30s on mile 5 and 6.

I am extremely satisfied with the turnout of this race. It gives me much needed confidence heading into Brooklyn Half marathon next month. I will still keep running to a bear minimum and continue my swim, bike sessions.

Finish Time: 54:23 (8:46/mile)

Sliding Door for Bikes/Utility

Built a sliding door 66″ x 93″ to conceal our bikes. The sliding door mechanism is by Johnson Hardware. The door was build using 3/4″ MDF. Currently it’s being painted with Chantilly Lace OC-65 Satin Oil.







IKEA Rationell Drawer Modification

I love the ease of changing the front face on the IKEA drawers so I bought a Rationell drawer and worked on modifying it to fit a 12″ base cabinet. Below are some pics showing the mod.

Sample Work Pics

Just a preview of work I’ve done

Stripped and Color Washed Table

After completing two leafs on our dining table I stripped and color washed for the final look.

Apartment Renovation Update

Since receiving a “Side.By.Side – French Door” Bosch Evolution 800 Refrigerator a few weeks ago from a friend we have been engaged in doing some Kitchen renovation on our place. We have been working on the apartment on a room by room basis since moving in back in April. The first room we focused on was our toddler’s room. We did some lighting, plaster work and some wall upgrade in his room. The living room, hallway, bathroom, son’s room have all been totally skim coated with plaster to gain a smooth new wall feel and look. The Kitchen is now being upgraded somewhat “accidentally”. The plan was to work on it sometime in the future. But as with life there is the factor on unpredictability. With a 36″ fridge the cabinets had to be reworked because what we had before was the standard 30″ refrigerator. Stay tuned for more updates…..


KneeFit App now on the Apple AppStore and the Google Play Store

Injured? Just looking to keep your knee strong and healthy? The KneeFit App is for you. Now available on the Apple AppStore and the Google Play Store.


Keep your knee strong and healthy by using the strength and stretch exercises in the KneeFit App.  Doing a few exercises daily will keep your knee healthy and fit. As an active individual I use the exercises in the KneeFit App before and after my workouts. Whether you are going through therapy, recovering, or maintaining an active fitness lifestyle the KneeFit App is for you.



Pumpkin Patch and Halloween Week

Starting out with Pumpkin Patch last weekend on Harbes Farm we had lots of fun with pumpkins especially Miles :-) this week.

NYRR: 2014 Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 1.24.36 PM

Since finishing Waterman Half Triathlon three weeks ago I haven’t done any training. This time off has given my body enough time to recover. I wasn’t quite planning on putting a hard effort at today’s race, but after a 10 minute warmup I was feeling pretty pumped up to race. The first corral which I was in went out a bit slow given the race was sold out and it takes a while for runners to find their rhythm and create gaps in a crowded Central Park. Past mile 2 I was keeping a steady effort after the gaps opened up. I took some water at mile 3 aid station and continued with a 6:50ish pace. The last mile I went all out and recorded a 6:30 pace. Finished with an overall 6:55/mile. This race along with next weeks Dash to the Finish Line  marks New York City Marathon Race week. Both races end at the marathon finish line and really gets you in the marathon spirit. Great to see runners from out of town in the park already. Others will trickle in during the week.

Overall Time: 34:35 (6:55/mile)

Place: 228/5522 (Top 4%)


Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 1.34.10 PM

WhatPaint Version 1.4 App Review – 3 days

WhatPaint Version 1.4 update took only 3 days to be approved (Fastest so far for one of my apps). Also quicker compared to the 10 days average according to App Review Times.



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