Introducing my Scott Plasma 10

I’m formerly introducing my Scott Plasma 10 2015. I purchased the bike back in February of this year at R and A Cycles. This is my first Triathlon specific bike. I have been doing Tris since 2009, 8 years now. So being that Sweden will be my second IRONMAN I thought the timing was right for a TT bike. Base on my bike fit geometry and being 6′ 3″ the Scott Plasma was perfect for me. 6 months into training on the Plasma I have to say it’s an awesome machine. Although to date I haven’t gotten a professional bike fit I feel very comfortable in the aero position for long durations at a time. My initial bet is I will pickup a few watts with a bike fit, with 10 weeks out from race day I should do so asap, maybe this week or next at the latest.

Setup: Saddle: ISM PN 1.1, Frame Storage: Dark Speed Works, Aero Bottle: Elite Crono, BTA: Profile Design, Behind Saddle Hydration: Profile Design RMS Rear Mount, Disc Wheel Cover: Wheelbuilder Aerojacket, Components: Ulegra 6800, Wheelset: HED, Powermeter: PowerTap, Pedals: Shimano Ultegra





Mirrored Goggles to battle the Sun

Got myself a pair of Cressi-Sub mirrored glasses. I found that swimming with my Aquasphere tinted pair was not sufficient in preventing the sun from getting in which directly affected my sighting. I’m hoping to test those tomorrow in the outdoor pool in preparation for this weekend’s Steelman 5K swim.


Zipp 808 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Test Run

Today I was able to test for the first time legit race wheels. Zipp Race wheels to be exact – dub “Speed Weaponry”. I went with the 808s since this is most likely the setup I will use in an actual race (Although a disc wheel on the back would be nice). I decided the best way to test them would be to go on a 60 mile out and back to Nyack, NY ride. Today was a windy day. This made for perfect conditions to test the wheels, since race day is unpredictable. The winds were gusting up to 21mph. Handling the 808s can be a challenge if you are not familiar with them in such winds. Coming into this ride I had read and did my homework on handling.  I was able to handle without issues.

Zipp 808 Firecrest – Carbon Clincher

The wheels definitely added the “free speed” factor promised. I may have gained 2mph with the firecrest 808s. Those were clinchers, since I have never used tubular tires and may stay away from them for the meantime.

The one con is that the brakes may not have been suitable for the zipps and that may have compromised braking a bit. A big no, no when it comes to going down a hill at 40+ mph. Also the rental wheels did not come with racing tires. I will have to add my racing tires next time I rent the zipps.

Rocking Ironman Lake Placid water bottles

All in all I was very impressed with the wheels and may add them to all my upcoming triathlon races for the year.

Heading out to Nyack (bike seems a tard bit too small, lol)

Quick Stop at Tallman State Park

New Swim Gear: H2O Audio Interval System

Today I used my birthday gift from my wonderful wife for the first time. The H2O Audio Interval system for swimming. I love ’em. Some experimenting with the earbuds are still required. The system comes with extra size earbuds. I used the ‘S’ and they worked okay. They came off occasionally. Wearing your swim cap over them is the ideal fit for securing the buds. However I also ordered the pro buds with a wider assortment of sizes and designs to choose from.


Aquasphere Kayenne (tinted goggles)

Compared to the Cressi Hydra goggles I used last week (purchased from Paragon Sports: Cressi Flash which I use indoors and the Hydra which I used) in my not so great swim experience. I haven’t had issues with Aquasphere so grabbed a pair this week from SBR. They are tinted Kayenne Lens by Aquasphere. It too I am looking forward to testing in open water, hopefully this week. Ideally it would be good to test them early morning around race time schedule which is 7am. The Cressi I got is a wider goggles I was hoping would be a bit more comfortable for the long Ironman swim, but those may have been too big leading to unwanted drag. The Kayenne is more mid range in size. A swim test review will follow.


Xterra Vortex 3 Sleeveless Wetsuit has arrived!

Sweet my sleeveless wetsuit has arrived in time for Lake Placid. I finally purchased a sleeveless wetsuit because I wasn’t comfortable whatsoever last week with my performance using the fullsuit during the swim at NYC Swim Aquathlon. I felt very constrained and restricted with the fullsuit. My chest felt compressed and shoulders were tight which made breathing difficult. I have been debating whether a sleeveless purchase was justifiable but made the plunge this week when I ordered the vortex 3 from xterra, thanks to a nice coupon discount :-). I currently have the fullsuit vortex 3 and will reserve it for colder swimming (maybe Alcatraz someday **tri dreaming**. Since Lake Placid should be in the 70s I think the sleeveless will be perfect.

However I’ll be packing both suits if in case Mirror Lake where the swim takes place water temps are low. Can’t wait to give this new suit a test.


Profile Design Aerodrink Bottle

Along with my aero bars. I also got the aerodrink bottle from Profile Design. The yellow sponge insert below must be placed in the bottle to prevent splashing. The design on this thing is not perfect by any means. However it provides me with excellent hydration convenience when in aero.

Profile Design AirStryke Aerobar

Profile Design AirStryke Aerobar

Optimize your bike’s aero position with the new AirStryke by Profile Design. Flip-up ZB arm support brackets allow you to rest your arms on the supports or flip them up to place your hands on the tops of the bars.

  • 6061-T6 aluminum extension and forged brackets for strength and light weight
  • Includes F-19 length, width and rotationally adjustable anatomic armrests for your preferred fit
  • Provided with climbing-friendly flip-up ZB brackets that allow you to use the tops of your bars unimpeded
  • Compatible with rigid ZB arm brackets for fixed positioning if desired
  • Compatible with Swiftshift, which allows for the mounting of standard downtube shifters with a single bolt
  • Shot peened and anodized finish for extra strength and durability

My Review:

I took my new gear for a test ride yesterday in Central Park. Wow! The power increase the aero positon provides is simply incredible. I got fitted to the tri position as closely as possible by Matt from Bicycle Habitat. My saddle was pushed forward as much as possible and seat post was raised a bit higher. I did 4 loops of Central Park. Went in aero when possible due to park being very busy especially lower loop. The difference in aero was immediate. In comparison to my loops in CP prior areas I did 22mph in, with aero I was clocking +3mph gain. Aero definitely takes some getting use to. It was a bit shaky at the beginning, but towards the end of my session I was getting very comfortable (with changing gears, corners). I also love the aero drink mount. It makes drinking way more convenient. Recommendation are mixed when it comes to adding an aero bar on a Road bike. My recommendation is if you can’t afford a tri bike. It’s worth the experimentation. I will keep monitoring my back, knees etc. in the next couple weeks leading to my olympic tri (NYC Triathlon) while training in aero.

Nike Lunaracer+

Always wanted to try on and feel what racers felt like. Today I purchased my first set. Nike Lunaracer+. Product Review.

Xterra Vortex 3 Fullsuit

A deal I couldn’t refuse. With a 50% discount I could not pass on purchasing my first wetsuit. I went with the Xterra Vortex 3 fullsuit. Can’t wait to try this baby on in open water. I was eager to give it a test swim at the local pool. However this voids the warranty as chlorine does not fare well with neoprene, the material used to construct the wetsuit. Product Review.