Central Park Bike loops followed by Achilles 4 mile run race

Today I did 9 loops of Central Park. The plan was to do about 12 loops but as all age-group time crunched triathletes I had to adjust that plan on the go. I bike commuted to Central Park which was about 7 miles then started off with the loop fest. The New York Road Runners Achilles 4 mile run race was slated to start at 9am so I got as many laps of Central Park as I could before hand. Anh and the kids met me at the race finish to get my bike so I could transition to the run.

The course in Central Park is much undulating, especially on the West Side of the park so that makes for constant gear changing. This week I (DIY) upgraded my cassette on my HED wheel from a 11-25 to a 11-28 which makes for better climbing. This enabled me to spin more and stay close to 75-85% FTP on the hills. The one disadvantage I find myself in when at the park is I tend to get out of my established session goal and enter a race mode with other cyclist. I have gotten a bit better holding back and sticking to my plan but I do occasionally get the urge for the “need for speed”.

My nutrition was great as always. Made sure to take in my salt tablets and hydration. Also today I tested my tentative race day kit. It felt great and is really “skin fit” as advertised. I might give it two more test rides before race day to make sure all is a go with the Free Sanremo skin suit.

Run race went well. At first as more times than not is the case mile 1 is a bit hard to find my legs. I also make sure to walk some of the aid stations to get nutrition in and just simulate race day because there will be walking….the last mile was just fast to say the least especially the fact that there is a downhill to finish off the race.

The Achilles race is always a favorite of mine. Very inspirational to see all the vets and all special athletes with disabilities out there making the day theirs to own and enjoy. I even saw an achilles athlete carrying a what looked like a 10″ Cement block throughout the 4 mile course. That’s simply amazing!!

Bike Total 63 miles. Run 4 miles.

8 weeks to race day………….

Bike – Run


Central Park riding followed by NYRR Retro 5 miler

IRONMAN Sweden training………11 weeks to go

Worked yesterday so had to package a long bike followed by a brick run workout today. Having signed up for a Road Runners 5 mile race I decided to bike Central Park beforehand. Biked to the park, did 5 loops totaling 40 miles. When done with the bike I checked my baggage with NYRR, locked my bike up then did a short 3 mile run followed by the 5 mile race.

I managed to hold low 7s per mile during the foot race. Very happy with the overall outcome. Could have used a gel on the race though. Felt a bit bonky but that subsided pass mile 2.

Finished the days workout with an easy 8 mile ride back to Queens to have family brunch at Nevada diner.


Post run bagel and apple provided by NYRR. Miss the retro style bananas we got before


10k Swim Training: Week 7 of 9 (8k swim)

This completes the 7th week of training for my solo 10k swim. May have underestimated this swim by leaving home a bit later than would be advisable. However I completed it at the tick of the close time clock (had to lobby for my 3 minutes). Triceps were screaming for sure towards the end. Could factor this as a strength workout as well. Next year I need to incorporate some swim specific strength training into my workout. My pull and finish could be called moderately weak. Quite happy I nailed this 8k swim.

500 w/u
7 x 1000
500 c/d

2 x Ironman Perform
2 x Powerbar Gels
2 x Water Bottles
(at some point I was craving a peanut butter cliff bar – will have to include at least one in my next long swim)

July 4th Weekend Getaway

This July 4th Anh and some friends of ours spent the weekend in East Meredith, NY in the Catskills. With their great thanks I was able to squeeze in some Ironman Lake Placid training.

Saturday (long bike, brick run):
I biked from East Meredith, NY to Richmondville, NY. The duration of this ride was right around 4 hours. My training was to ride about 4:30, but this was very satisfactory as there were practically no traffic lights compared to a city ride. This was a huge plus to being a race simulation ride. I biked using my tri gear and felt great. There wasn’t any discomfort. Nutrition was great as well. I packed enough gels, etc to fuel my ride. Finished mileage was 73.54 miles. Transitioned to my run gear afterwards.

Did an out and back brick run after the 73 mile bike ride. This was a great run and I was able to push the pace in the latter part back to the cabin. Ran 4.3 miles.

East Meredith to Richmondville

Elevation Map

Sunday (long run):
Weather was not as great as yesterday by any means, but I had to put this run in. The route I choose had quite a bit of rollers which I welcomed as I felt that I haven’t been putting in harder run efforts lately. The first half (6 miles) was pretty relaxed but I pushed the pace towards the end. During the last 3 miles it started pouring from a result of thunderstorm showers. All in all it was a great weekend of training and R&R. My one fear of running in a rural area such as East Meredith is a dog chasing me, lol. There were quite a few unleashed dogs barking at me during the run. Ran a total of 12 miles.

Skipped my intended bike recovery ride due to the inclement weather.

3 more weeks until race day! Last hard week of training then 2 weeks taper.

East Meredith to West Davenport

Elevation Map




Ironman Swim Workout

Today marks my longest swim workout towards Ironman Lake Placid on July 24th. The length of the swim was 4000 meters equivalent to 2.4 miles – the Ironman swim distance. Prior to this swim it had been 3400 meters.
The swim workout was as follows:
800 swim warmup
3 sets (300 @ 80%, 300 @ 85%, 300 @ 90%)
500 swim cooldown
My shoulders definitely felt it. Pool side hydration was NUUN. Post workout drank 12 ounces of Chocolate flavored Muscle Milk.

Training Log Report for 2010


(Huge change from last year)


(I have a feeling my miles will be closer to 3,000 in 2011)


(10 miles shy of 1,000 miles)


(Did some hiking, both times to Mt. Taurus (Bull Hill) )

Taking my Nike Lunaracer+ out for a run

Took out my Nike Lunaracer+ for a virgin run. With those shoes on I felt like I was just gliding on this run. The shoes are super light yet the cushioning is superb. Legs and all felt great. Guess Nike won’t be getting this one back within the 30 day period. Looking forward to running the NYRR Brooklyn Half Marathon with them.
Garmin Connect Data

Bike: Astoria to Piermont (53.64 miles)

Left for Piermont with Andy H. at 7 this morning. Fueled for this ride with a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

South entrance to GWB was closed so we used the north entrance. (Someone needs to tell the Port Authority to group notices together) We had to look around and almost missed the sign that says use the North entrance.)This entrance calls for a bit of cyclecross 🙂 so be ready.

We were not fortunate to get some of that nicer weather that’s in store for later today. It was a bit nippy. Note to self. When leaving your house at 7am make sure you suit up with a jacket. Being out in the open road was awesome. Even managed to mix in some one leg drills.

We stopped at Bunbury’s Coffe Shop for a bite (had a sugar-free cranberry muffin and coffee) and headed back home.

Overall a great day of riding. Andy is very familiar with the route so that helped alot. Bumped into Cesar A. on the Queensboro Bridge. DM is taking over the world. Happy training all. Enjoy the 79 degree day to come.

Phase 1 of Half Ironman training coming to an end

First phase of my Half Ironman triathlon will be done next week. Official training begins in May. So far my fitness level has developed tremendously. My swimming endurance has vastly improved, biking and running. In phase 1 of my training I focused primarily on swimming as that was my weakest sport. In phase II leading to the race, the 3 sports will be pretty balanced.

Bike: Central Park: 5 Loops (36.49 miles)

First major training outdoor ride of the year. Can’t begin to explain how great it was to be outside hammering today. Felt like my personal Cherry Blossom TT in the park.

3.68 miles warmup to Central Park

5 loops Central Park. 1st was not recorded someone forgot to start the Garmin.


3.67 miles cool down back home