2 hour trainer ride followed by NYRR Queens 10K

Today I had to really stack my workouts due to work obligations. The workouts proceeded as follows a 2 hour bike session on the trainer broken down with a 20 minute warmup, 1 hour in the TT position at 75% FTP with a 3 minute recovery then right into a 30 minute TT again at 75% FTP. 

10K Race was scheduled to start at 7:45am so the plan was to run directly to the start from home. The Queens 10K takes place in Flushing Meadows Corona Park which is about 2 miles from my home. So I ran to the start in time to jump into a slower corral which was just starting off. It’s nice how the race organizers are staggering those races to lessen on the congestion in sold out races. 

The 10K race was to be treated like a tempo run. Nothing crazy with pacing just focused on keeping a steady effort. 

I finished the 10K with a 7:42 pace which is great coming off my earlier bike ride. I got my finishers medal and the race goodie bag then did a cool down jog back home. 

My legs were definitely hammered from both the bike and race at this point and pace felt more like the IRONMAN shuffle. 


Made sure to take 2 salt tablets every hour as it was a very humid and hot morning. On the bike went with maltodextrin / accelerade mix. Packed gels but didn’t feel the need or took any. 

It was a busy week with work, etc so I had to skip some workouts. Hopefully heading into next week which is 9 weeks from IRONMAN Kalmar-Sweden I should have a better grasp on workouts. 

Highlight session for the week has to be today. I was able to hold aero on the trainer for an hour without any issues. Also this week I booked a bike fit appointment with ACME Bicycles. This will be my first professional fit on my Scott Plasma. Looking forward to it since I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews for ACME. 

Long Bike to Commack with a 30 min Brick Run

Went out to Commack, NY which is 36 miles from home. So the total ride was 72 miles. This was followed by a short 30 minute brick run. As expected my legs were a bit tight following the ride but at mile 1 into the run they felt better.

This is the longest I’ve biked with the Smith Podium Aero Helmet. It was a hot day. 90 degree high. So any doubts of the helmet being properly ventilated were dismissed after today’s ride. It tested very well.

Nutrition was on point. 2 aero bottles with water. Behind the saddle bottle also with water. My BTA bottle contained a concentration maltodextrin mix with gatorade, equalling about 1000 calories. My Dark Speed Works frame storage bag had 5 gels and a bar.

Great workout session today. Next week marks 10 weeks to race day.

Aero Helmet tested great on a hot day. Thumbs up!


Took 3 gels on the bike


72 miles bike workout.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 6.09.48 AM

Introducing my Scott Plasma 10

I’m formerly introducing my Scott Plasma 10 2015. I purchased the bike back in February of this year at R and A Cycles. This is my first Triathlon specific bike. I have been doing Tris since 2009, 8 years now. So being that Sweden will be my second IRONMAN I thought the timing was right for a TT bike. Base on my bike fit geometry and being 6′ 3″ the Scott Plasma was perfect for me. 6 months into training on the Plasma I have to say it’s an awesome machine. Although to date I haven’t gotten a professional bike fit I feel very comfortable in the aero position for long durations at a time. My initial bet is I will pickup a few watts with a bike fit, with 10 weeks out from race day I should do so asap, maybe this week or next at the latest.

Setup: Saddle: ISM PN 1.1, Frame Storage: Dark Speed Works, Aero Bottle: Elite Crono, BTA: Profile Design, Behind Saddle Hydration: Profile Design RMS Rear Mount, Disc Wheel Cover: Wheelbuilder Aerojacket, Components: Ulegra 6800, Wheelset: HED, Powermeter: PowerTap, Pedals: Shimano Ultegra





IRONMAN gear, in training, and more 

Get gear here for in training etc…..Spreadshirt

Second IRONMAN swim of the Season

So far I’ve done 2 IRONMAN length swims this season. This is a distance of 4000 meters or 2.4 miles. Back in April it took me 1 hour 18 minutes. Today it took me 1 hour 20 minutes. Swims like those I pretty much have an idea of how I’ll perform heading in. Today’s swim I knew I have been lacking on consistency getting to the pool for my swim workouts so I was expecting a slower swim. The outcome is still respectable as I felt ok with the pace and not exhausted after the swim. Keep in mind on race day there is still 112 miles of biking followed by a marathon to complete. 

On the previous 4000 meters straight swim my pre workout fuel was a bagel with peanut butter and banana that may have been a better fuel choice as opposed to the option of cereal and banana today. Still the 2 minute difference could just be the lack of consistency and speed sessions. 

Next week is the 10 week countdown to race day in Sweden so I need to try my best to keep the swim sessions at 3 days per week at best. Also I need to start adding some open water swim sessions very soon, maybe even this weekend following my long bike as the weather will be 90 degrees on Sunday. (Don’t forget the sunscreen)

In this photo the chart reveals that 2/3 the way in my stroke count increased as my pace decreased

WWDC 2017

WWDC always gets the creative and programming juices flowing with the introduction of new APIs. Plenty of videos to catch up with. I have been watching the “What’s new in…..” videos and also caught up with the Core ML and ARKit new API videos, new APIs introduced this year. Lots of new features in iOS 11 this year. Drag and drop will be huge for the iPad Pro and will be a game changer in its growth. 

Use an Allen Key Screwdriver for quick Bike Component  changes 

A quick way to swap out components such as this Dark Speed works frame storage bag is to use an Allen key screwdriver set. The one I use is the Milwaukee Allen Key Screwdriver.


Central Park riding followed by NYRR Retro 5 miler

IRONMAN Sweden training………11 weeks to go

Worked yesterday so had to package a long bike followed by a brick run workout today. Having signed up for a Road Runners 5 mile race I decided to bike Central Park beforehand. Biked to the park, did 5 loops totaling 40 miles. When done with the bike I checked my baggage with NYRR, locked my bike up then did a short 3 mile run followed by the 5 mile race.

I managed to hold low 7s per mile during the foot race. Very happy with the overall outcome. Could have used a gel on the race though. Felt a bit bonky but that subsided pass mile 2.

Finished the days workout with an easy 8 mile ride back to Queens to have family brunch at Nevada diner.


Post run bagel and apple provided by NYRR. Miss the retro style bananas we got before


Aero Helmet anyone? Yes. I’ll have the Smith Podium TT

With IRONMAN Sweden 12 weeks away I am doing final purchases of needed equipment. This week I’m trying out an Aero Helmet from Smith Optics. The Smith Podium TT. So far I’ve taken it for an hour test ride where I was in aero for 60% of the ride. Sun was just rising which made for a great test since on similar situations with regular sunglasses I sometimes still find it difficult to not have that glare bother me. But with the shield it was perfect, no distraction from the sun whatsoever. As far as being in aero I felt the advantage/difference in wearing an aero helmet on this first test – disclaimer: first aero helmet ever. You could really feel the wind if you were to tilt your head left or right in the opposing wind direction. But if you’re in an optimal position all you here is silence as the wind flows over the helmet.

This is just the first test. But my first impression is I love my aero helmet. Can’t wait to really take it out on a longer ride.

The fit is perfect. At first I thought the flaps over the ear would be too tight against my cheekbone but that wasn’t the case. It all fits snug and is not a hinderance. I really love the shield and how easy it ease to interchange the clear vs the tinted. It attaches via a magnetic clip. Added bonus is the fact that the Podium comes with two sets of shields as oppose to some competing brands. At the discounted prices I had to go with and love the choice of the Smith Podium TT.

Coming from an hour test ride


Color Comparison, went with the more visible white – for safety and style



Comes in a really cool pod case


Ride to Harbes Family Farm

Ride to Harbes Family Farm From Forest Hills, NY

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 9.05.31 PM

– 2x bottles of water
– 1x concetrated Maltodextrin and accelerade, approx 750 calories
– Carried 5 gels, took 3.
– Carried 1 cliff bar, took a much needed half at mile 70 or so
– Carried and took 2 salt tablets

The Ride:
Longest ride of this year training for IRONMAN Sweden has been 52 miles which was done last week. Decided to do a really long ride today as it’s a long holiday weekend (Memorial Weekend) and also just needed a longer ride to test my fitness holding FTP and aero. This was a perfect ride to incorporate the family as it was a great day to enjoy the farm. Lots to do at Harbes for the kids. Hayride, bouncy platform, go carts, etc. Always enjoy their freshly baked donuts with a cup of brew.

Freshly Baked Donuts


Haven’t gone pass Woodbury heading East into Long Island. There were some detours I had to do to get back to the service road via the Long Island Expressway Service. Last 26 miles or so of the ride which started at the end of the Service Rd was in fact some of the best riding as I took some back roads. There I decided to use GPS as there would be quite a few turns along the way.

Detour #1: Getting back to the Service Rd. @ Woodbury

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 9.27.35 PM

Detour #2: Crooked Hill Rd

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 9.29.36 PM

Detour #3: End of LIE Service Rd @ Exit 66

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 9.30.40 PM

Harbes Family Farm – You’ve Arrived at your destination


Ride was a success. I was able to hold aero for a good 80% or so of the ride. Felt really relaxed and strong. Total of 85 miles.


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