Ride to Harbes Family Farm

Ride to Harbes Family Farm From Forest Hills, NY

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 9.05.31 PM

– 2x bottles of water
– 1x concetrated Maltodextrin and accelerade, approx 750 calories
– Carried 5 gels, took 3.
– Carried 1 cliff bar, took a much needed half at mile 70 or so
– Carried and took 2 salt tablets

The Ride:
Longest ride of this year training for IRONMAN Sweden has been 52 miles which was done last week. Decided to do a really long ride today as it’s a long holiday weekend (Memorial Weekend) and also just needed a longer ride to test my fitness holding FTP and aero. This was a perfect ride to incorporate the family as it was a great day to enjoy the farm. Lots to do at Harbes for the kids. Hayride, bouncy platform, go carts, etc. Always enjoy their freshly baked donuts with a cup of brew.

Freshly Baked Donuts


Haven’t gone pass Woodbury heading East into Long Island. There were some detours I had to do to get back to the service road via the Long Island Expressway Service. Last 26 miles or so of the ride which started at the end of the Service Rd was in fact some of the best riding as I took some back roads. There I decided to use GPS as there would be quite a few turns along the way.

Detour #1: Getting back to the Service Rd. @ Woodbury

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 9.27.35 PM

Detour #2: Crooked Hill Rd

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 9.29.36 PM

Detour #3: End of LIE Service Rd @ Exit 66

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 9.30.40 PM

Harbes Family Farm – You’ve Arrived at your destination


Ride was a success. I was able to hold aero for a good 80% or so of the ride. Felt really relaxed and strong. Total of 85 miles.


Family is here

Race Report: 2016 NYRR Brooklyn Half Marathon

Goal heading into todays race was to test my MAF and cadence training. At my last 10K race I was able to keep cadence at 83 average rpm. So today was to keep it at a similar rate. For the last 2 weeks I haven’t done much run training per say which is not bad, especially with the fact that I really want to be as run healthy as possible for IRONMAN Sweden. So don’t want to aggravate my prior knee injuries.

Made sure to get into my assigned corral because otherwise it takes too much energy to get through a slower field. Yesterday was a high of 90 degrees, the weather Gods were with us this morning as it’s 30 degrees cooler at low 60s. Anh and I were able to warmup to the race start from our friends house who is babysitting the kids for us. This was a 2 mile warmup to the Brooklyn Museum start near Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

Right at the start I was able to gain my run legs and be in the race. I know this race all to well to not go out too fast for the Prospect Park region of the race. I averaged about 7:20s for the first 5 – 6 miles. Then after the one hill I started to push the pace closer to sub 7:10 minutes per mile.

When I got to Ocean Parkway the race was really on for me. Did a 7:01 and 6:59 on 2 consecutive miles. It was at mile 10-11 that I had to slow down to a 7:12 mile as never before in a race, that a pain was coming from the right side of my waist. After slowing down during that mile and refocusing on good running form the pain started to subside. So from that point to the finish I just continued pushing striving for as a high of a cadence as I could maintain. In my sets of on course goals I was determined to make the last mile my fastest of the day, so I found a final gear and made mile 12-13 a 6:45 mile / pace.

Couldn’t be more satisfied with my performance today. At this point in IRONMAN training my run is about where it was in 2011 when I did IRONMAN Lake Placid. In fact I was 3 minutes off my best half marathon time at this same race of 1:32 that year.

Very proud of Anh’s performance as she is only 5 months off from child birth and was able to break 2 hours. She ran 1:57. Pretty solid day.

NYRR – UAE Healthy Kidney 10K

Solid race performance today. This will be a good benchmark for continued training into IRONMAN Sweden. Got 31 seconds within my 2012 10K time. Couldn’t ask for a better outcome. Haven’t done much hill training but my current MAF (aerobic heart rate training) has given me a great base. Knee and all else held up pretty well with zero issues. Best part I still felt like I could have pushed a bit more out there today. Perfect weather as well for running. Pre race did a 1.8 mile warmup.

Average HR: 163

Average Pace: 6:46 / mile

Average Cadence: 83

Finish Time: 42:01


Mile 1:      7:01

Mile 2:      6:30

Mile 3:      6:55

Mile 4:      7:08

Mile 5:      6:31

Mile 6:      6:40

Mile 0.2:   5:40

10k results

Nice consistent Split chart

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 2.47.22 PM

2 Great talks last night by 2 iOS Devs from iOS Women Meetup

I went to a meetup last night featuring women in tech. The first talk was about User Notification is iOS 10. The second talk was about Design Patterns, MVC, MVVM, MVP. This talk was also based on a talk by Bordan Orlov. More info here on his talk. Design Patterns should be the first piece of architecture an iOS team addresses whenever implementing a new feature of project. I am still gaining more insights on the right pattern to use in each given case scenario. But it’s more important to keep adapting to change.

Pre Workout Breakfast

I’m in the 5th week of my base training for IRONMAN Sweden. Today I’m doing a run swim run workout. So I’m making so to fuel up for the workout. The plan is to run to the pool about 30 minutes. Swim for about an hour continuous and run back home. 

Race Report: FIRMMan Half Iron 2016


My last tri was 2 years ago. However I have been keeping up with training the best my schedule allows. To be exact my last Tri was October 2014. Waterman Half in Maryland.

So in search of a late season tri I sort out to my usual trifind.com search. The choice for a Half Iron was between Williamsburg’s Patriot Half or Narragansett, Rhode Island, FIRMMan Half. Many variables would dictate the choice: weather, travel time, activities pre and post race.

The choice ultimately was FIRMMan. Weather was projected to be 80 degrees as opposed to Williamsburg’s 94. With the little run volume I have accumulated for this season post Sweden marathon and my lack of heat training I know this would be a failed attempt at running the whole race if I did the Patriot Half.

So I signed up to FIRMMan with a week to go. In the three sports my bike training clearly had been the best with 3 sessions a week for the past 12 weeks, namely strength, aerobic and a long session. My run has been minimal due to a chronic knee injury. Swim has been 2 sessions off an on with zero in the last 2 weeks. This race was to be somewhat of a benchmark into my IRONMAN Kalmar, Sweden, training which officially starts in December.

Upon entering Narragansett we saw posters for a calamari cook-off. Huge squid state. This we wouldn’t miss, it was only 5 minutes from the expo. So before packet pickup we attended the calamari cook and yes I tried all the samples from the 9 or so participating vendors.

Packet pickup was followed by an hour race briefing by the race director. The organizers did a great job prepping us for the event given their limited resources. A race that earlier before had a larger field size of roughly 600 has dwindled to a few hundred at best. Competitors are surely saturating the sport.

Race Day


Rockstar Fan


Making the mile or so walk to the race start the swells from the ocean looked unrelenting. I wasn’t taking this in too much because I knew the toughest part of the swim would be making my way out to the first buoy given the rough waves. This would turn out to be way tougher than I imagined. Again I haven’t practiced any open ocean run starts lately especially in such conditions (similar would be Rockaway beach, NY on a windy day). On each attempt to start freestyle swimming I was engulfed in a huge swell. Almost immediately after countless attempts the thoughts of a possible DNF (did not finish) was crossing my mind. It wasn’t thoughts of panic or such but the 1.2 mile swim doing breaststroke would be extremely exhausting. I took as much time as needed to evaluate the situation and my swim options while treading water and doing minimal progress. My short term goal was freestyle, then mix in some breaststroke until some sort of normality posed itself. This strategy would really be helpful as I started to make actual progress on the swim course. Freestyle stroke was becoming more prevalent than breast at that time. What helped tremendously was when swimmers in the pink wave came by. I was able to tag along and sight off them without breaking my swim flow too much. I would only see the occasional blue cap that I started with at 7am. Great! I could now see the huge neon turn buoy which signaled turning to shore for the swim finish. At this point my swim technique and freestyle stroke all came together. I was able to really dig and finish the swim as strong as possible. Afterward I saw one of the race organizers who said those were the worst swim conditions in the race 20 year history.

T1 (Transition 1)


Swim Exit….Booyah

There was a small trench in the water that the volunteers made us aware of heading out of the water. The run to transition was pretty short. Made sure to put my socks on in prep for the run afterward. Helmet and glasses, salt and a 2nd spare tube in my jersey.


The Iron Horse is awaiting


I saw Anh and our son Miles as on the swim and  waved to them as I headed out. The winds were to be 18-20 mph for the duration of our outward ride which makes up about 2/3 of the course. With a southwesterly wind direction that would make for a terrible headwind. As stated my bike fitness heading into this race has been great. The course and road surface was perfect. I’ve never raced on an open road course before but I’m use to it in training as is the norm. However looking out for merging traffic on a highway is new during a race. The course takes us on Route 1 where traffic is open in either direction. So after surviving the swim I needed to play close attention to the traffic as well. Not a deal breaker, it just kept me focus on the course and my bike. I made sure to keep taking nutrition in because as always this is the second leg of the race, still a half marathon to go. Heading back into Narragansett town beach there was a tailwind as promised by the forecast. I made sure to keep my pedal stoke as efficient as possible pushing a bigger gear at 82-85 rpm. Higher rpm on up hills 90+. I finished the bike in 2 hours 53 minutes. Quite happy with that split, 2nd in my age group, booyah!

T2 (Transition 2)

I made sure to grab my gel for the run. Took my fuel belt, race belt and visor and headed out.


With my lack of run volume I knew I would not be capable of getting the normal high 1:40s run split I normally get at a half. So the main goal was to maintain an easy MAF (aerobic) pace straight out and hold until I felt any better or could push a bit more appstore.com/stayaerobic. Thankfully I choose this race as opposed to Williamsburg because even with temps in the upper 70s, it still felt hot out there. At every community aided water station I made sure to pour water on my head to cool my core temp. Thankfully the weather would play into our hand on the run when a drizzle started which was much needed. This really helped. At mile 9 my knees and technique felt better and I was able to push a bit. I started picking out and passing some runners along the way. Finished off at 2 hours flat. Couldn’t have asked for a better finish when I was able to run with Miles across the finish line. My little trooper also placed the finishers medal around his daddy’s neck. Thanks to my son and lovely wife for always being my #1 support crew.


Running over the finish line with my son….Pricelesssss



Accelerade with Maltodextrin

I made sure to pack my fuel belt for this race. Especially with the the fact that it’s a small race. Wanted to make sure to pack my nutrition essentials namely, accelerade with maltodextrin   


Would I do this race again? Maybe sometime in the future especially the fact that there’s other activities to do around Rhode Island. Such as the last day in RI we toured Newport. Which is filled with historical monumental mansions and the ocean scenery is breathtaking. There is a cliff walk along the ocean that’s a must do for anyone. On the day we were just plain limited with time and did a quick drive through.

The race director iterated post race that this was by far the harshest swim conditions in the race’s 20 year history. So I have to feel quite content with my 50 minute performance as compared to the better swimmers at 40 or so minutes.

How is my fitness and performance? My training and performance couldn’t have been better correlated. All three were on point with my training and lack of. Heading into winter IRONMAN training I know the key points that will need addressing especially knee strength appstore.com/kneefit for my run fitness.

Race Report: 2016 NYRR Brooklyn Half Marathon

My goal heading into Brooklyn was to break 1:40. Three days before race Saturday I caught a bug. This brought fever and a sore throat. I thought it would have subsided before race day but that wasn’t the case.

Both Anh and I love this race so our friends took care of our son for a few hours. We left Queens at 4:30am to make it to Coney Island. The plan was to park close to the finish so we wouldn’t have to take the train all the way back to the start. From where we parked in Sheepshead Bay it was close to the Belt Parkway back to Queens.

At the singing of the anthem I always get the race chills and excitement brewing. Even after a good 10 mins pre race warmup it was hard for me to get going during mile 1. Pace 7:49. I wasn’t too worried because I knew the webs would be shaken off soon enough. At about mile 3 I started feeling extra soreness from the back of my right knee. This wasn’t a good sign.

Sure enough I found myself walking for about 2 mins to shake this soreness off at mile 4. I used that opportunity at the aid station to take in salt and Gatorade. As I’ve done countless times before to abate this situation is to adjust my foam to lessen extending the kick.

However I still kept my pace conservative throughout the park as there is a main hill that wasn’t completed yet. The familiarity of the Brooklyn course sets itself up for a great run if paced correctly. This was my attempt at it. After exiting the park I immediately pushed the pace up to about 20 secs per mile. This wasn’t causing any issues with my knee and I kept a high cadence and low kick as best as I could.

The weather was great and the atmosphere is always terrific in Brooklyn. Ocean Parkway was now my turf for the next 5 miles. Nothing dramatic happened while pushing my way through towards Coney Island. The terrain is as flat as one could ask for so I kept relaxed and took in nutrition as I approached the aid stations. At mile 9 I took a strawberry powergel.

Upon approaching the last mile or so I pushed to have the quickest split of the day at 7:29. Didn’t break 1:40 but I’m very happy with my finish time of 1:41:42.

I am overly content with my resilience and performance on the day given the fact that I almost thought of the possibility of a DNF at mile 4 with the knee soreness.

For the next 2 weeks before Stockhlom Marathon I will rest up and do some easy recovery workouts for taper.

Thanks for having me. See you next time Brooklyn!

Race Report: 2016 Scotland Day Run

First race of the season. All went well. The weather called for rain at the start but was quite perfect for racing.

Race was very comfortable. Normally I would want to be at threshold during a 10K. However leg speed is just absent currently. I have been doing some track work over the last few weeks. But the top end speed I had back when I PRd at this race is simply not achievable currently.

The performance does give me confidence in holding a moderate tempo for my next upcoming race – Brooklyn Half Marathon. I have a month left where I can aim to get some leg power/speed going again. It would be great to go sub 1:45 at Brooklyn.

Scotland and Brooklyn are two of my favorite NYRR races.

Normally Anh and I would indulge in the post race activities of Scotland, photo ops, etc. but we had to hustle back to the car for 9am meter parking. Also our little one was missing us by now.

Finish Time: 46:15 (7:27 / mile)

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 7.40.13 PM

AVPlayerViewController were are the default controls?

So here’s the problem. I was working with tvOS on a project. The layout was a collection view of cells at the bottom layout and a player view with the current video. This current video’s view was part of a AVPlayerViewController’s view. When the view’s frame transitioned to Fullscreen 1080 x 1920 the default AV controls were absent.

After digging around on the tvOS forum and Stackoverflow I figured the reason was the view was not in focus.

Solution. Make sure if you’re having a similar problem that preferrrdFocusedView should be the Fullscreen view (AVPlayerViewController’s view) in order to get the default controls. Do so by calling setNeedsFocusUpdate and updateFocusIfNeeded.

Capstone Udacity project to the AppStore on hold

I was super psyched to release my next app to the AppStore. Having recently graduated from the Udacity iOS Nanodegree with my capstone project.  I was excited to release it to the AppStore.

Not so fast. RIP Parse! The app was build with Parse. Parse is a BaaS. So the backend of the app is pretty much handled for you. User authentication, user data, object data and so on.

Parse handled the situation as best as they could by giving developers migration assistance and open sourced the Parse Server so other services like Heroku can be used.

For now migrating my capstone project is on hold. Currently I’m leaning towards using Firebase.

One of the drawbacks to using services is the dependency factor. Unfortunately an app will always have such dependencies. The only protection is to put a contingency plan into place for such event.

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