Run Alex Run – video by Anh Phan

Anh captured and produced this video of me on our most recent visit to Miami,  she took various footage all over Miami and North Florida, including Ft. Lauderdale,  Palm Beach,  Gulf Stream Beach,  etc. Enjoy!

NYRR Sprint Triathlon

Bike Portion of TriathlonToday was my first triathlon.  First I had to swim 400m in the pool, then bike for 10 miles and finished the triathlon with a 5k run. It was a great experience that I shared with 500 registered athletes. I was quite satisfied with my 98th place overall finish.


I seeded myself in the 10 minute wave. As the swim began I was just trying to get my rhythm. I probably stopped twice at the wall to take a breather. The swim was 400m. It called for 8 laps of snaking through the lanes.


I was very relived when I made it onto my bike and began the course. Just to be out of the water and on the bike was an achievement to itself. The course in Flushing Meadows is very technical with some speed bumps and corners along the way.


During my run I was thinking just finish. Being that I was recently hospitalized I did not want to push the pace too hard. I finished the run course which is pretty flat in 26 minutes.

Official Finish time:

Swim: 10:54

T1: 2:52 (way too much time was spent here)

Bike: 31:41

T2: 2:42 (again caught sleeping in T2)

Run: 26:05

Overall Finish Time: 1:14:12 (98th/369 finishers)

2009 Race results