Long Bike to Commack with a 30 min Brick Run

Went out to Commack, NY which is 36 miles from home. So the total ride was 72 miles. This was followed by a short 30 minute brick run. As expected my legs were a bit tight following the ride but at mile 1 into the run they felt better.

This is the longest I’ve biked with the Smith Podium Aero Helmet. It was a hot day. 90 degree high. So any doubts of the helmet not being properly ventilated were dismissed after today’s ride. It tested very well.

Nutrition was on point. 2 aero bottles with water. Behind the saddle bottle also with water. My BTA bottle contained a concentration maltodextrin mix with gatorade, equalling about 1000 calories. My Dark Speed Works frame storage bag had 5 gels and a bar.

Great workout session today. Next week marks 10 weeks to race day.

Aero Helmet tested great on a hot day. Thumbs up!


Took 3 gels on the bike


72 miles bike workout.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 6.09.48 AM

Aero Helmet anyone? Yes. I’ll have the Smith Podium TT

With IRONMAN Sweden 12 weeks away I am doing final purchases of needed equipment. This week I’m trying out an Aero Helmet from Smith Optics. The Smith Podium TT. So far I’ve taken it for an hour test ride where I was in aero for 60% of the ride. Sun was just rising which made for a great test since on similar situations with regular sunglasses I sometimes still find it difficult to not have that glare bother me. But with the shield it was perfect, no distraction from the sun whatsoever. As far as being in aero I felt the advantage/difference in wearing an aero helmet on this first test – disclaimer: first aero helmet ever. You could really feel the wind if you were to tilt your head left or right in the opposing wind direction. But if you’re in an optimal position all you here is silence as the wind flows over the helmet.

This is just the first test. But my first impression is I love my aero helmet. Can’t wait to really take it out on a longer ride.

The fit is perfect. At first I thought the flaps over the ear would be too tight against my cheekbone but that wasn’t the case. It all fits snug and is not a hinderance. I really love the shield and how easy it ease to interchange the clear vs the tinted. It attaches via a magnetic clip. Added bonus is the fact that the Podium comes with two sets of shields as oppose to some competing brands. At the discounted prices I had to go with and love the choice of the Smith Podium TT.

Coming from an hour test ride


Color Comparison, went with the more visible white – for safety and style



Comes in a really cool pod case